Gabriel Award
Nonprofit Organization
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The Gabriel Award honor the best in film, broadcasting, and digital media that support themes of dignity, compassion, community, and justice. The efforts of these talented individuals inspire us to act with greater respect and concern for others.

Our #BeTheLight team is so proud to be part of the Gabriel Awards! We Won a Gabriel Award!

We congratulate our #BeTheLight team member and representative David Van Hooser and an ABC WKRN News 2 anchor Bob Mueller with the Gabriel Award winning show featuring our #BeTheLight Humanitarian Team Work in Ukraine on the ground, during the War!

It means so much to us all. Special gratitude to all our amazing Team members, who make the impossible possible daily - you All Rock! Gratitude to our incredible Ambassadors of Light: Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Charles Wessler, Olena Gnes, Bob Mueller and Maryna Marchenko - this Gabriel Award goes to all our joined Humanitarian efforts! We still believe that each one of us can be a Superhero and can truly Make a Difference - and it would take just One Person, One Organization, One Company - to Save Thousands and to Help Us #BeTheLight to Continue on Helping. JOIN & MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW!
Watch the full award-winning show here